Open House: The Repositories Workshop with Jenny Lin

21 juin 2017

This past Sunday we gathered in the Education room for our bi-annual open house. The general public was invited to take part in Jenny Lin’s Repositories workshop, and in response a dozen people joined us in the creation of a collective zine. The casual atmosphere allowed visitors – ranging from novices to experts – to talk to Jenny about her practice, her latest projects, and their respective takes on the role of emerging technologies in the conceptualization, form, and dissemination of printed works. Participants took their time drawing an inanimate object (among other things a stuffed animal, a ball of yarn, a coffee cup) that resonated with them, and to ponder a word or phrase that captured its meaning. These personal texts were created as digital overlays and provided content for the augmented reality aspect of the final work — which participants will find in their mailboxes next week.

This event isn’t the last chance to contribute to the creation of a zine like this one. Any group of ten people or more can reserve a guided visit and combine it with a workshop facilitated by DHC/ART educators. If you’d like to meet Jenny Lin, mark your calendars for the long weekend in September. This marks the final days of the exhibition Ed Atkins: Modern Piano Music, as well as DHC/ART Education’s Happening, which we organize at the close of every exhibition to celebrate the end of the workshop. Jenny will join us in offering Repositories with a festive, yet-to-be-determined twist. More details to come in August…

Here are some photos from the open house and of the final result. Thanks to Jenny Lin and to all those who participated!

Emily Keenlyside
DHC/ART Education

Photo credit: Emily Keenlyside and Dahlia Cheng

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