DHC/ART offers in-house produced and co-produced publications, artist monographs, gallery guides and other print initiatives as a way to provide in-depth accompaniments to the many exhibitions that we have had the privilege to present.

We have also partnered with like-minded institutions, publishers and artists to create printed matter and limited editions.

All of these titles are for sale at DHC/ART. For questions or requests for more information, please write to us at [email protected] or call 514 849-3742.

Limited Editions

As a new initiative, special artist editions made for DHC/ART are available:

Jake & Dinos Chapman Come and See, 2014 | $650 CAD

DHC/ART Publications

The following publications are available for purchase at the Foundation:

Marc Quinn Marc Quinn
ISBN 978-2-9810074-0-7 10

Christian Marclay Fast Music
$5 | ISBN 978-2-9810074-4-5

Thomas Demand Animations
20 | ISBN 978-1-879003-64-4

Richard Mosse A Supplement to The Enclave
5 | ISBN 978-3-943196-25-2

DHC/ART Gallery Notebooks
(Free on iTunes for iPad)

Gallery Guides

For every exhibition, the Foundation produces a full-colour gatefold gallery guide available for free during the run of the exhibition. For more info click here.

Artist Monographs & Other Items

The following artist monographs are also available for purchase at the gallery:

Christian Marclay Replay
20$ | ISBN 978-3-905770-57-5

Guido Van der Werve Nummer Tien (works 2003-2007)
$20 | ISBN 978-90-86901456

Eija-Liisa Ahtila Where is Where?
$25 | ISBN 978-3-86560-759-1

Ceal Floyer Auto Focus
$15 | ISBN 978-1-888708-36-3

Omer Fast In Memory
$20 | ISBN 978-3-941644-14-4

Philippe Parreno Films (1987-2010)
$20 | ISBN 978-1-905190-39-3

Teresa Margolles Frontera
$20 | ISBN 978-3-86560-976-2

Valérie Belin Valérie Belin
$30 | ISBN 978-3-86521-465-2

$65 | ISBN 978-3-943196-25-2
2-906461-88-1 (Supplement of French texts)

Joan Jonas In the Shadow a Shadow: The Work of Joan Jonas
$80 | ISBN 978-0-980024289

Joan Jonas They Come to Us Without a Word
$40 | ISBN 978-1-941366073

Wim Delvoye Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
$50 | ISBN 9789082364712

Wim Delvoye Mudam
$60 | ISBN 9782757210932

Ed Atkins Ed Atkins
$60 | ISBN 9788857233895

Ed Atkins A Primer for Cadavers
$25 | ISBN 9781910695210